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How about some light reading whilst drinking your coffee? We've compiled a whole heap of articles that we think you will enjoy. Heck, whilst you're here why not subscribe to Podista and we can shower you in goodies and oodles of benefits that a loyal Podista customer like you deserves.

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The weather is heating up and we all know iced beverages are king. Have you given any thought as to how to make your kitchen the talk of the town this Summer?

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Best served using our high intensity blends such as Intenso, this video shows you just how easy it is to make a latte using PODiSTA pods and your Nespresso machine.

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PODiSTA has launched the world’s first Nespresso compatible Iced Coffee Pods - introducing two options of Ice Coffee Pods, Original and Strong, under the sub-brand Chill.

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This one requires minimal effort for a big reward.

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Used coffee grounds from our pods are amazing in your garden and a great way of recycling. Learn more about the nutrition it can provide.

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