Summer opens up a wealth of podalicious opportunities. Introducing the Chocolate Ice Pop!

The weather is heating up and we all know iced beverages are king. Have you given any thought as to how to make your kitchen the talk of the town this Summer? 

PODiSTA has the solution. Drum roll please… Chocolate Ice Pops!

Simply use your chocolate pods to create delicious, cold chocolate milk. 

Fill your popsicle freezer moulds and pop them in the freezer for a couple hours. Voilà! A delicious chocolate snack for adults and children alike. 

For a sugar-free treat, try using any of our Chocolate, Strawberry or Honeycomb Poddies. 

If you’re feeling a little bit naughty, try adding a layer of cream or yoghurt to make your Chocolate Ice Pops that little bit more enticing!

Disclaimer: In extreme situations, Chocolate Ice Pops may cause excessive happiness. 

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Last update: Nov 17, 2015

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