Recycle your pod coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are amazing for your garden, household, and even you! We've put together some creative suggestions on how you recycle the coffee grounds from used pod capsules. 
In the garden: 

  1. Organic fertilizer: Sprinkle them in the soil of plants that love acidic soils, especially rosebushes, rhododendrons, camellias, evergreens, carrots, and radishes.
  2. Organic pest and ant repellent: Sprinkle areas where ants, slugs, and snails hang out and destroy your garden.
  3. Organic cat repellent: If you want to keep cats out of your plants and garden, coffee grounds will do the trick.
  4. Mushroom growing soil: Inoculated mushroom plugs nestled into moist coffee grounds can mean a great mushroom crop for you. Put grounds in a glass container and press a mushroom plug into them, repeating with more grounds and mushroom plugs until you run out of room. If you see mold, just remove it.
  5. Bait worm life support: Add coffee grounds to soil to help keep bait worms alive longer. Vermicomposters can feed coffee grounds to the worms. Just be careful, since grounds are acidic. Too much isn’t good for those wigglers.
Last update: Nov 17, 2015

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