How to make an Hot or Iced Chocolate – PODiSTA Nespresso®* compatible capsules/pods

Listen, right now is really not the time to start your diet, so let’s talk about chocolate and get on with it. If there were a contest for the most comforting thing in the world, hot cocoa would surely be in the running for the crown.

Blended from the finest ingredients, our chocolate pods are delectable with a velvety texture that melts evenly in the mouth. Available in a variety of flavours, pick your favourite today.

This video shows you just how easy it is to make a hot chocolate using PODiSTA pods and your Nespresso machine.

See below for how to make a sipping chocolate.

Or better yet, you can also have our chocolate pods cold. See below for how to make an iced chocolate using PODiSTA pods and your Nespresso machine.


Last update: Nov 17, 2015

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